Know your WHY.

Do you know, and understand, your “Why”.

Why are you working the job you work. Why are you doing the things you do?

By becoming extremely clear on your “why”, you can begin to create a clear path that will lead towards your ultimate goal. If you don’t have an ultimate goal, then start with exploring what it is you want to do with this one beautiful life you have. Once you have a goal, then begin to ask yourself WHY this is your goal. The path will then make itself visible.

We all have a reason for being where we are in life, but it’s just too easy to lose sight of that at times. This is especially true if you are not spending time reflecting on it.  Life is too short to not have a “why”. Trust me when I say that finding your “why” will light a fire in you so strong that nothing will be able to stop you. This is when great things happen. This is when you really start to live.

Your “why” may change throughout your life or you may simply have more than one “why”. For example, my “why” for competing as an athlete was very different than my current “why” for circling back around to coaching.

So why do I coach?

I coach because I have experienced all the benefits a coach can provide and it has completely transformed my life. I remember what it was like to feel weak from battling sickness, and I remember how hard it was to motivate myself to fight for my health back. I coach because I know what it takes to overcome a diagnosis and I want to spread that knowledge to as many people as I can. I want everyone with a medical diagnosis to realize that there are things they can do to help overcome it. Having a coach inspired me to become a coach myself so I could give back and pass on everything I have learned.

A coach provides you with another level of focus and direction that allows you to reach your goal. A coach reminds you that your negative self talk is wrong and that you are becoming better everyday. A coach pushes you harder than you would normally push yourself, and celebrates every victory with you. It’s another level of support that gives you comfort in knowing someone else has your back.

I want to change lives and help to inspire, motivate, and encourage people to become the best version of themselves despite their diagnosis. I want everyone to realize that through nutrition and fitness, you can control how you feel on a daily basis. Most of all, I want people to realize that when you improve how you feel on a daily basis, your whole life improves.
This is why I coach. This is also why I am starting this blog.

If you haven’t found your “why” yet, don’t give up! Sometimes it takes people a couple minutes to dial it in, but sometimes it takes a couple of months. Whats most important is that you never give up the search. It is worth it!

Don’t know where to start? Try answering these questions below!

1. What makes you feel ALIVE and EXCITED?
Find your true passion. Once you have discovered this, ask yourself WHY this is your passion

2. What are your innate STRENGTHS?
Rediscover what you are good at and proceed to ask yourself WHY you are good at it.

3. Where do you add the GREATEST VALUE?
Pinpoint exactly what areas in life you are able to add value to, based on your strengths, and WHY you add value.

4. What does SUCCESS mean to you?
Define what success means to you and ask yourself WHY this is important to you.

5. What will people say at your funeral?
Imagine you are looking down at your funeral and listening to everyone talk. What do you want them to say and WHY?

Once you are able to discover your “why”, the path towards your goals will become crystal clear. As you embark on this path, you will begin to feel more fulfilled, secure, and inspired than you ever have.

As Simon Sinek, Author of “Start with WHY” once said-

“Working hard for something we do not care about is called stress, working hard for something we love is called passion.”

Find your WHY. Live your LIFE.

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