Sunday Summary 4.12.20

Weekly Summary:

Happy Spring, Happy Week of Beautiful Weather, Happy Quarantined Easter! It’s a crazy world we are living in. Today I am going to attempt to show my family how to use Zoom. So instead of screens being something that pulls us apart, this year it will be pulling us together. I have always enjoyed how screens can pull people together from across the world, but I do typically dislike them when around other people.

So here we are, on Easter day, wishing we could be with our families. I am extremely grateful to be with members of my family and to be able to enjoy a nice ham dinner. While Easter is a religious holiday, I wouldn’t say I am a religious person. I would say that I do love having Easter as an excuse to get together with my family, but I think a lot of people can say that. This year is going to be different, but we are making the best of the situation at hand. That’s all you can really do.

I may not be a religious person, but I am spiritual. I believe there is some universal force out there that connects us all together. I believe that all religion stems from people from different cultures trying to spread this knowledge of this universal force in their own way. The problem is that we all know how the game “telephone” works. Over time, stories get twisted and misinterpreted. I respect all of the various religions and simply wish people would realize the similarities among the core beliefs of every religion out there. This is why I don’t necessarily identify with anything in particular. I DO believe that it is great to believe in something higher than yourself.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, I hope everyone has an AMAZING Easter!

What I was reminded of/what I learned this week:

Be careful of the stories you tell yourself. Are you mad at someone because of what they are thinking? Or are you mad at them because of what you THINK they may be thinking?

I am currently living in a house, self quarantined with 4 other people. Everyone is handling this situation in a different way, and assuming that any of us know what the others are thinking is completely crazy. No one knows whats going on in your head besides you and no one knows what’s going on it anyone else’s head besides them. Actions can easily become misinterpreted intentions. Watch your thoughts and assumptions about other people. They could be wrong.

Reading Recommendation:

You are a Badass : How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life By: Jen Sincero

This book is great! It’s super easy to read, and its positive playful tone is like a super informative pep talk. It put me in a great mood every time! =]

What I am listening to:

Tim Ferriss Podcast with Esther Perel– I highly recommend giving this one a listen. Esther Perel is a Psychiatrist and explains the various situations she has been encountering with her patients. She also discusses things people are doing to help cope.

What I am loving this week:

Laird Hammilton Super Food Creamer – SO SO DELICIOUS. I started with adding it to my coffee, but since I have cut back my caffeine intake I have been adding it to my matcha green tea. Give it a try!


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The Limitless Despite Lupus Facebook group is now LIVE! Click here to request to join or use my “contact me” form to send me your email and I will add you! This group is for people who have decided that they are going to live life on their own terms despite having a chronic illness.

I also created a 10 Day Self Improvement Journal for anyone who is struggling with this COVID19 pandemic. This journal, when done in the morning, will help you start off on the right foot and keep your day organized to help decrease anxiety and boredom during this time. E-mail me at if you are interested in trying it out for FREE.

Quote of the Week:

“Strength grows in the moments that you think you can’t go on, but you do anyways.” -unknown

Top Social Post of the Week:

Click the image to view the post and check out my page!

Dear self, I am doing this for you.

I am doing this because you deserve strength
You deserve the win
You deserve the accomplishment
I’m doing this so everyday you look at yourself and love what you see
You deserve the happiness
You deserve to feel good about the body you are in
I’m doing this so you can stay free, healthy, and full of life

Dear self, I’m doing this for you.

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