Sunday Summary 4.26.20

Weekly Summary: Still in quarantine and still hanging in there! I have actually been keeping myself pretty busy. House life is very very different from van life. I figured I would talk about the main difference I have noticed. When you live #vanlife , survival is a part of your daily life. You have to … Continue reading Sunday Summary 4.26.20

Sunday Summary 4.12.20

Weekly Summary: Happy Spring, Happy Week of Beautiful Weather, Happy Quarantined Easter! It's a crazy world we are living in. Today I am going to attempt to show my family how to use Zoom. So instead of screens being something that pulls us apart, this year it will be pulling us together. I have always … Continue reading Sunday Summary 4.12.20

Ice, Ice Baby. It’s Time for some Cold Shower Therapy!

Personally, I LOVE super hot, almost burning your skin, showers. I get cold pretty easily and I REALLY dislike everything about the cold, which should say something about the benefits of taking a cold shower. If I am willing to do it daily, it has to be well worth it! Every morning I start off … Continue reading Ice, Ice Baby. It’s Time for some Cold Shower Therapy!

Sunday Summary 3.29.20

Summary: Since this is the first "Sunday Summary" post, I will explain. I think continuously reflecting on life is great for many reasons. I also believe in personal growth and optimizing longevity. These weekly reflections are my reflections on everything that has happened this week, and my mindset surrounding it. I will share things I am … Continue reading Sunday Summary 3.29.20

Don’t Let Lupus Stop You! Live Your Best Life

For those of you that may not know, I was diagnosed with Lupus when I was just 12 years old. At the time, I didn’t realize the gravity of the situation. I just knew that I couldn’t go in the sun, I didn’t feel well, and that life is not something to be taken advantage … Continue reading Don’t Let Lupus Stop You! Live Your Best Life